We understand how overwhelming it can be when you start searching for your ideal event location. One of the most common frustrations is the lack of information you are provided with from many of the venues. In contrast, we like to give as much information as we can. We think it is important that you are able to make an informed decision as early on in the process as possible. Below is a summary of the way that we approach our events at Lartigolle. We hope it gives you some insight into what we will offer you here and what makes us different to other venues.

What makes a Chateau de Lartigolle event?

We created Lartigolle for those memorable moments in your life. We are a private chateau residence and our sole focus is to produce personal events for our clients, those rare events when you gather together your greatest friends and closest family to enjoy something special, together. We love making our guests’ birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, private family or business events all become something that you will be talking about for years. That is all we do.

Our aim is to offer a very ‘family’ friendly feel to these events. We don’t have a wedding ‘formula’ that we insist on but we do have a style that we think works well in our environment. The look is very much French country but with a cosmopolitan twist here and there – lots of attention to detail, utilising the best of what we have on our doorstep – an array of fabulous produce.

The perfect size for us is a wedding of between 80-100 people but we can comfortably cater for up to 120 people either in our beautiful courtyard or in the converted chateau cave. The grand salon of the chateau can only seat up to 50 if used for the wedding meal but the huge 30 metre cave can easily sit 100+.

Please also note that, whilst we welcome children, there is a limit to the number that we are comfortable having on site for a wedding. The property is full of antiques and the grounds are not particularly child friendly. There are also limits to the amount of child care that we can offer. 

For weddings, we have a 3 night minimum stay across the whole of the main chateau and the wing. The main chateau has 9 large en-suite bedrooms that can sleep up to 22 guests and the wing a further 3 double en-suite bedrooms, making the total number of guests we can accommodate up to 28 across the 12 bedrooms. Any extra days you wish to stay, beyond the 3 night minimum, would be offered at a lesser rate. 

We should mention at this point the laws about marrying in France. To hold an ‘official’ marriage ceremony in France you will need to have been a resident in the country for at least 40 days before the wedding date. As this is not always possible, we can arrange to have a blessing ceremony on the premises by a local English speaking pastor, a celebrant or by a family friend. Most couples choose to get ‘officially’ married elsewhere first and then have their blessing/ceremony here.

Our accommodation

The chateau has 12 bedrooms in total; 9 in the main chateau and 3 in the wing. We have created the rooms to cater for groups of all sizes. There are two family suites sleeping four, three bedrooms that can be triples and seven others than can be either made up as doubles or twins. The chateau is the perfect space to accommodate your families and your closest friends. It is the perfect space to bring everyone together for your event. All rooms are en-suite and have been designed to the same high standards so that everyone feels they are being spoilt. We are always conscious that the experience is just as important for your family and friends as it is to you.


A plan of the chateau is shown opposite so that you can understand how the rooms are arranged.


For the 2018 season, our second venue, Ferme de Labarthe will be available exclusively for the use of your wedding guests. The Ferme is just 20 minutes away, situated on the main route to the mountains, with stunning views and lots of space for everyone to relax. The grand Manoir house which can sleep up to 22 guests onsite, and it makes a great venue for a pre-wedding party, thereby saving the chateau for the main event!  We have other properties all within 20 minutes for your guests that are not going to be staying at Lartigolle or the Ferme.

Event planning

When you book your event here, you will be assigned one of our in-house planners as your personal point of contact and your dedicated event organiser. Because our planners are in-house, they know the Chateau intimately and of course are used to working on a day-to-day basis with the other members of the Lartigolle in-house team. This is not something you will find at most venues. 


Your planner will help you with all aspects of your event from your arrival at Lartigolle to the day you wave us goodbye and head off on your honeymoon. Their services also include dealing with the finer details such as advising on flowers and styling, sourcing hair and make-up, finding party bands, dj’s and other musicians, arranging restaurant bookings and organising transportation – to name but a few things. The planner’s role is to help and advise you on all of the details of your event and to make sure that everything you have asked for is recorded and agreed within your personalised wedding plan. 


This final plan is then shared with our team in the run up to your event. The format for this plan is tried and tested and has been developed over the many years that we have been holding events at Lartigolle. It ensures that everything has been covered, all the right questions have been asked and allows us to share the details of your event with our entire team, meaning that everyone working on the day understands what is required. This is a key difference from many other venues.  Prior to your event, our entire team will have been focusing on your plan in our weekly planning meetings. Together we discuss all of your specific requirements and work out the very best way to deliver every aspect of your event. We believe that only when the entire team have input into and ownership of the plan can the event be truly successful. We don’t think that one person should be solely responsible for delivery – for us it is a team responsibility.


We encourage you to read our reviews to see what previous guests have said about our team and the way they deliver our events. Just click on the Trip Advisor image opposite to be taken to our latest reviews.


The see a sample copy of one of our wedding plans just click on the image above.

Styling and flowers

One of other things that sets us apart from other venues is that within the team we have a stylist and florist. All the photographs that you see on our website are produced by our own team, meaning you won’t have to worry about which outside suppliers you will land up being allocated for your special day. It is often the case with venues using outside planners, that suppliers will be assigned just because of availability alone and not suitability. At Lartigolle, we provide a dedicated service with somebody to take the time to understand your personal taste, discuss those finer details and ultimately create the perfect backdrop for your celebrations. 


We also have a huge variety of props and styling items in our prop store that you can have full access to for no extra cost. Each year we spend the winter scouring markets and brocantes, adding new items. We remain conscious of the current trends – sometimes even setting them. Over the years we have seen many of our ideas appearing all over Pinterest and on other venue websites! 


Below is a selection of style sheets taken from some of last year’s weddings. These are used a starting point for discussion with couples for upcoming weddings and serve as a good reference for the different styles we can produce for you here at Lartigolle.


Our food is designed to highlight the best of the region. Gascony has a well deserved reputation for the quality of its food and we are surrounded by farms providing us with incredible produce. Pretty much everything is fresh and local. on the right is a pdf file that details our current event menus. However, we would be delighted to tailor make menus to your specific requirements.


As well as the traditional canapes, plated starters and main courses, we can offer a fabulous shellfish stall, a social eating/sharing menu and both spit and slow roast options for pork and lamb. We can also offer quartered rotisserie chickens for that very rustic country feel. We are in the centre of the foie gras, duck and armagnac region so we are also happy to suggest menus that specialise in these local ingredients. 


Due to changes in French law, we are sadly no longer able to offer a self-catering option.


Our approach to wine is to stock some of best wines of the region. The wines of South-West France are growing in popularity, particularly the reds. We are now also able to find some wonderful organic wines.  

Download our current event menus

Click on the image above to see our current event menus

Costs, what’s included and what’s not

As each wedding is unique, we will provide you with a tailored quote – we really don’t believe that there is a ‘standard package’. Please take into account that we are VERY comprehensive with our quotes and, at first glance, they may seem more expensive than other venues of a similar standard. However, when you look closer at all of the details that we include, you can be reassured that not only do we offer a unique and comprehensive in-house service but that we are very competitive too!


We offer a complete package from planning to the delivery of every aspect of your wedding, most of which is included in this initial estimate. In fact, the only things we will NOT have included are costs for a photographer/videographer, hair and make up and a celebrant. We have our local recommendations for these and will suggest the amounts you should allow. However, many couples like to search and find their own suppliers for these areas. 


Please be aware that due to the costs involved in running the chateau to the standard we expect and having a full time event planning team, a catering team, stylist and florist, housekeeper and bar staff we do have a minimum budget requirement of 32,000 Euros. The final price will vary depending on the number of guest you plan to invite and the thing you choose but that 32,000 is the lowest we can go for any 3 night wedding event we hold here. We can give you a fully detailed breakdown based on your expected number of guests should you take your enquiry further but this is a summary of what is included:


• Accommodation for up to 28 guests on-site for 3 nights. An additional 4th night is possible for a lesser rate.


• A planning fee for a dedicated planner to work with you on every aspect of the wedding right up to and including your wedding day. This price also covers the cost of your planning visit, including a one night stay in the chateau and tasting sessions for food and drinks. Many other venues will charge extra for this.


• A location and equipment hire fee for you and your guests to have exclusive use of the property for the duration of your stay, It includes the use of all facilities such as the swimming pool and tennis court and also covers all wedding materials including styling and decorative items and lighting and candles. The only additional costs will be for table linen and glass hire which we will hire in on your behalf.


• Full catering and service for resident guests for all three days, except the supper on the night before the wedding, when we encourage guests to eat out to save the chateau for the main event. It also includes meals for you and your wedding guests for the wedding day and the following day.


An allowance for all drinks for the wedding day and following day – this is the one area that is the most difficult to budget for as all groups are different and will consume very different quantities. We have based our allowance on an average amount for this estimate.


• An allowance for the purchase of all flowers and foliage to make up the arrangements for your big day.


• An allowance for a local band to play at your wedding party, including the use of a sound system, lighting etc


• Allowances for all the staff required to look after you and your guests from the minute you arrive until you leave.


• Allowances for all staff required to look after you and your guests from the minute you arrive until you leave.


• An allowance for transport for all of your non-resident guests. To bring them to the chateau for your wedding day and then to take them back home at the end of the night.


• All taxes and VAT charges are also included 


As you can see, this is a pretty comprehensive package. However, if you have budget concerns please come back to us to discuss them. We have had many years experience in handling budgets (this year we will be holding our 120th wedding) and we can suggest ways we know to help you to spread some of the costs. We have ideas to show you how you can realistically ask your resident and non-resident guests to contribute to some aspects of the event, which will help you wth your overall budgeting. Many past couples have managed to ‘gain’ back anything up to 10,000 Euros like this.

Our sister property, Ferme de Labarthe

Our second property, Ferme de Labarthe, will be available during the 2018 season for accommodation for some of your guests who will not be staying at Chateau de Lartigolle. 


The manor house sleeps up to 22-26 guests and can be made available for the 3 nights of your wedding at Lartigolle. Labarthe can also be made available for a few days prior to your wedding if you and some of your family and friends want to come to the area earlier during the week. The price will depend on how much you use the Ferme but we should be able to offer a range from between 60 – 90 euros per person per night, depending on the number of guests and how much you use the property. We can give you more information if you wish to take things further with us.


Labarthe is also proving to be a fabulous location for a pre-wedding party on the Friday night. Ferme de Labarthe offers a wonderful rustic and relaxed environment to gather your guests together for an evening meal and drinks. This allows you to save Chateau de Lartigolle for the main event – your wedding day.


Below are a few style sheets we have produced to show you some of the aspects of this wonderful property.  We are making Labarthe, our sister property, exclusively available to all couples who wish to get married at Chateau de Lartigolle.




HOW TO GET HERE by Air or by Rail

Local Airports

There are a number of carriers that fly to the region from all over the UK. Listed below are the most convenient airports that have regular flights, with approximate travelling times from each:

Blagnac airport, Toulouse - 50 minutes - served by BA, easyJet and Ryanair

Carcasonne airport - 1 hr 50 mins - served by Ryanair

Tarbes/Lourdes airport - 1 hr 50 mins - served by Ryanair

Bergerac airport - 2 hrs - served by Flybe, Ryanair, Jet 2 and BA


We recommend that you hire a car from your airport. Taxis are expensive, car hire represents much better value. The roads are great and it is easy to find us. 

The drive time from Blagnac airport, Toulouse to Chateau de Lartigolle is about 50 minutes, and to Ferme de Labarthe about 1 hr 10 mins. You will find driving instructions in the boxes below.


Travelling by Train

If you have a little more time to enjoy your journey you might consider taking the train from Kings Cross to Paris, then Paris to Toulouse.

Once you get to Toulouse you can then take a local train to Auch, which is the closest station to us and about 15 minutes taxi ride away from Chateau de Lartigolle. Or 35 minutes to Ferme de Labarthe.


Our properties at Google maps



DRIVING DIRECTIONS to Chateau de Lartigolle

Via GPS Lat: 43.611634 Long: 0.683041

Google map link: Chateau de Lartigolle

Address: Chateau de Lartigolle, 32550 Pessan, France

Driving from Toulouse airport:

From Toulouse airport follow the sign towards Toulouse. After about 1km you will see your first sign for Auch. Keep following the signs for Auch. This will take you off the Toulouse peripherique and on to the N124.

Follow the N124 out of Toulouse for 50kms, past Colomiers, Leguevin, past l'Isle Jourdain and through Gimont. Just as you leave Gimont there is a roundabout; take the third exit in the direction of Saramon on the D12.

Follow the D12 for 10kms and you will come to a roundabout signed Samatan (left), Saramon (straight on) and Pessan and Auch (right) - take the Pessan / Auch exit on to the D349.

After following the D349 for about 7kms you drive straight past the Aubiet/Castelbau Barbarens crossroad and continue on this road. Ignore another turning to Castelnau Barbarens on your left and keep on the same road, bearing round to the right. You will then pass, about 50 metres from the road on your right, a white water tower with aerials on the top. You are now on the D626.

After a further 1km you will see a turning to the left. Take the left turn. This is the corner of our property, on your left you will see an open field, on the right a bank topped with trees. After 100 metres on the right is a set of large white gates on a pair of sandstone pillars. This is the main entrance to the chateau.

Drive through the gates and follow the avenue of ancient oaks past the vineyard and orchard on the right, and the tennis court with views of the pool and the valley beyond on your left. The avenue takes a left turn and the chateau is directly ahead.

DRIVING DIRECTIONS to Ferme de Labarthe

Google map link: Ferme de Labarthe

Address: Ferme de Labarthe (also known as Chateau Labarthe), 32660 Seissan, France

Driving from Toulouse airport:

You should allow about 1 hr 10 mins for the drive from Toulouse airport.
It is a 22 minute drive from Chateau de Lartigolle and 25 minutes from Auch.

There is no public transport that will get you to the Ferme.

As you head out of the town of Seissan on the D929 travel for around 2 kilometres until you see a signpost to the right saying POUYLOUBRIN. Turn right here and you will see the Manoir and a little chapel directly ahead of you down a long straight road.


Below are some of the local hotels we use for the overflow of wedding guests, or for couples visiting us during the closed season when we may not be able to accommodate overnight an stay at our own properties:


Domaine de Baulieu – 12 mins from the Chateau

This lovely hotel has 18 clean, modern, air-conditioned bedrooms, a swimming pool and views of the surrounding countryside. Very reasonable rates, and close. It’s a perfect spot for guests. They are very popular in the summer as they host lots of local weddings so best to contact them early if you want to be sure to secure their rooms for your guests.

Contact: Karen (English speaking)

Tel: +33 (0)9 51 23 04 65

Email: contact@ledomainedebaulieu.com

Website: www.ledomainedebaulieu.com


Hôtel de France, central Auch – 20 minutes from the Chateau

A great location as it is right in the heart of Auch, our local town. It is a lovely old building in the main square, close to the Cathedral and near all the main bars and restaurants. The building is in the process of a long refurbishment so not all rooms are the same standard but the location is a real benefit.

Tel: +33 (0)5 62 61 71 71

Website: www.hoteldefrance-auch.com


Hôtel Campanile – 12 mins from the Chateau

This chain hotel that has been recently refurbished with new beds, decor and furnishings. It is on the outskirts of Auch so good access for the main access route but there is not much around within walking distance. It very good value so well worth thinking about for more budget conscious guests.

Tel: +33 (0)5 62 63 63 05

Email: auch@campanile.fr

Website: www.campanile.fr


Below are some of our preferred restaurants and places to visit in the area. These are taken from an edited version of a larger document we have put together as a guide to all we have in the area for guests staying at the Château. Just ask if you wish for a copy of the full list.


Our favourite local restaurant

Auberge de Rantaures, Lussan - 10 minutesCash or euro cheque only. NO CREDIT CARDS
This is a lovely family run French, regional restaurant in a little village in the hills above the chateau. Chef Lionel cooks on an open fire in the restaurant and all the meat is sourced locally and great quality. Open Wednesday to Sunday evenings. Very reasonably priced. You must go. Reservations essential : 05 62 65 52 04

Carpe Diem, Pessan - 5 minutes
Our local village restaurant and bar is open for both lunches and suppers.  Nice small menu consisting for many local ingredients. A good value place
Reservations: 05 62 06 84 25

Café Brasserie Le France, Auch - next to the Cathedral – 20 mins
Popular cafe located right in the heart of the old town with good tasty food. Great huge steaks, good salads, omelettes and everything you would expect. Seats outside and in. No bookings usually needed, just turn up.

Brasserie Daroles – Auch, Centre Historic by the Cathedral – 20 mins
A typical French brasserie. Well located as situated in front of the roundabout by the Auch Cathedral. A new owner and chef have raised the standard so well worth a visit now. Free parking in the nearby car park.
Reservations: 05 62 05 00 51

Le Parc á Huîtres, Auch – 20 mins
If you like seafood then this is the place for you. Run by the wonderful Andre and his wife and recently opened in a new location with a contemporary modern interior, if only you had the views of the sea you would think you are on the west coast! Really great fish, very simple but always totally fresh. Lovely for lunch. Closed Monday’s.
Reservations: 05 62 70 07 40


Things to do with kids

Quad Biking – 20 mins
An ABSOLUTE MUST!! We have a fantastic Quad Biking range nearby where Lartigolle visitors receive a special price. You are given a tour with an instructor through vineyards, forests, farms and hills, utterly spectacular. Under 8’s can go with a parent or instructor.
Reservations: 05 62 05 19 44 or 06 03 85 16 59

Le Vert en L’Air – 15 mins
Suitable for children 6 and older. This is the Forest in the Air, where they have tree top adventure circuits of varying difficulty (with safety harnesses) – Great fun for young and old. Open afternoons only out of the summer season.
Reservations: 05 62 05 26 78 or mobile 06 85 59 86 70

Wakeboarding and Waterskiing – 30 mins
Recently opened on a big lake in L'Isle-Jourdain. A series of pullies and pylons are set up to pull you (at various speeds) round the lake. Great tuition and equipment provided. Also hire of pedalos and mini golf close by for these less adventurous. A small café and picnic area.
Reservations: 05 49 48 71 03

Space Museum, Cite de l’espace, Toulouse – 60 mins
This is great for a rainy day, or a sunny one They have a huge exhibition space with real space rockets, capsules and a 6 storey screen planetarium. They have constantly changing exhibitions so check their website.
Reservations: 05 67 22 23 24



The image-makers

We have been fortunate to have had some of the world's best wedding photographers and videographers come to the chateau and capture it in all it's glory. Many of the images on this website are down to them and without these talented people we would never be able to show everyone what it is we do here. So we would like to thank those whose work we have used in this website and encourage you to visit their websites and commission them when you can. Just click on their names to visit their own websites.

MATTHEW WEINREB - Matthew has been taking pictures for us for many years now and has provided our couples, and us, with so many wonderful images.

DAREK SMIETANA - Darek recently moved into the area and has covered a some of our recent weddings. He has a great style, captures all the details and is a joy to work with.

SHANNA JONES - Shanna's work is consistently excellent, she just effortlessly captures those most perfect moments.

THOMAS WAGNER - Thomas has photographed weddings all over the world and is a recent addition to the Lartigolle favourites.

RICHARD SKINS - Shot for the first time here in 2017, and one of the best set of pictures we have had for a long time. We hope to have him back soon.

THIS MODERN LOVE - Tim has been back to Lartigolle a number of times over the last few years and captured everything so beautifully each time.

NIGEL JOHN - Another newcomer in 2017 who produced some memorable images and should be back very soon.


The video makers

MISCHKE WEINREB - Mischke shot her first ever wedding here, it was really good but her work has just got better, and better, and better...

MARK WILSON - Mark turned up one August day with a tiny drone plane and flew the thing all over the place. The result was the stunning film of Lartigolle that you can see on this website

ANDREW KELLY - We recently met Andrew via Darek and he kindly agreed to make a film of our new venture at Ferme de Labarthe. We hope to have him back to film at both our venues very soon

BEN WALTONBen came to make a film recently and was easy to work with, very enthusiastic and dis a great job.


The website maker

SARAH AUSTIN - Special thanks must go to Sarah for her technical and web marketing skills and for always being on the end of a phone to help us produce our wonderful new website - she is a superstar


The music maker (and our new organic farming partner)

ANDY CATO - Andy kindly edited one of his tracks for us to use on our Drone film and has now agreed to hand over his fabulous organic farm and home so we can launch our new venture. He is a constant source of inspiration on all things nutritional and natural.





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